We don't brag that we have the lowest or highest prices on the market, but we can say with certainty that we offer you one of the best price-quality ratios on the market. You choose B3 VPS because we offer top quality services and  support. We rely on organic growth and in relation to the market. We are not a money-hungry corporation, but a company with an important civic spirit and a crazy desire to perform and put the customer above any financial goal. You choose B3 VPS because you are tired of the same robotic responses from other companies and you need human interaction with people like you! We are waiting for you in our family!

For any pre-sale questions, you can use the chat function on our website. For questions regarding sales or other partnerships, please contact us by email at office@b3vps.com or by phone at +40 769 577 040, during business hours. Any technical problem can be reported by opening a ticket in the customer area in the Support> Tickets section or by sending an email to support@b3vps.com, using the email account through which the registration was made in the Client Area (https: //b3clients.com). Urgent technical problems, which do not require presence near servers can also be solved by calling +40 769 808 708, during working hours.

Sometimes the system considers some suspicious activities (e.g. authentication from an unknown IP in another country) and may automatically block your IP. This happens almost exclusively to shared hosting packages, but other hosting services can sometimes experience this issue too. To resolve this issue immediately, please log in to the customer area and access the UnBan Center option in the menu on the left. If this is not the problem, please open a ticket or contact the technical team by email or phone (during business hours). It is important to send the email from the address you used when you registered your customer account. If you contact us from another email address, your message will be automatically rejected.

B3 VPS servers come without administration (unmanaged), unless otherwise specified in the offer. B3 VPS provides shared hosting accounts with the necessary infrastructure such as technical support, control panel and administration such as DirectAdmin, CPanel that allow easy control even for less technical users. But for those who need specific guidance or administration and management of applications and / or servers, B3 VPS offers administration packages that meet the needs of users who do not have the necessary technical knowledge / time. If you want a personalized offer, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Most VPSs and international domains activate as soon as payment has been confirmed. Some custom services may take longer to activate, but the activation time will be specified when you place your order. Some dedicated servers have a maximum activation time of 24 hours, while others have a maximum of 2 hours. Colocated servers will be brought during working hours, in the interval established with the sales agent. .Ro domains, as well as other national domains are activated manually in about 1-2 hours during working hours.

There is no minimum contractual period, but the services can be ordered for at least 1 month. For advance payments over a period of more than 6 months, we are able to offer various discounts or extra resources. You can cancel the services at any time, regardless of the period paid, but the return of the money is possible only if the legal deadline of 14 (fourteen) days has not been exceeded.

Before giving up services offered by B3 VPS, please contact us explaining the reason for this decision. If there is something we can change for you, we will gladly do it and try to find a solution. However, if you are convinced of your choice, you can cancel any service in the customer area. Before doing so, please make sure that there are no outstanding balances in your account, otherwise you may opt out of our services only after payment of the outstanding balance.

We suggest that you check our Knowledgebase before asking us any questions. Usually, the most common problems have an answer there. If you can't find the answer to your problem, then you can write us a ticket, email us or even a phone call (during working hours).